Apple might have dual Bluetooth audio connections on future iPhones


Wireless audio is now slowly becoming a norm for mobile phones and tablets. This has surely caused annoyance but also has benefits. One is the ability to send the audio signals to two separate Bluetooth devices simultaneously. However, some of the Samsung devices can already do this and some of the rumours say that Apple might bring the feature to the iPhones as well.

The ability to connect to more than one Bluetooth device can be helpful in a range of scenarios as the users might want to connect to the car’s audio system to give GPS instructions while also playing music through earphones. The user or a friend might want to watch a film on a long journey. Moreover, the ability to connect to multiple sets of headphones will allow the users to enjoy the full audio experience. So if the users have a device with a 3.5 mm jack, you can just use a headphone splitter for the same effect.

The dual wireless audio feature by Samsung is available on a handful of devices and requires Bluetooth 5.0 function. As per the reports, if Apple implements dual audio in the same way it could bring the functionality to the older iPhones that support Bluetooth 5.0 including the iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS through a software update.

However, the software and hardware observers must not keep high hopes as the sourcing of such a report is not very great. It is not yet confirmed if the iPhone model might get such a feature or not. They will have to wait for a little longer to see what happens next.

Photo Credits: megazone

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