Sky TV customers to receive big upgrade soon

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Sky TV customers are about to receive a big and free upgrade this summer. The satellite TV firm has announced a major change to its Sky Go app that is aimed at making it easier for the users to watch their favourite shows, movies, sports and anything that they have already recorded. The new upgrade will be available for the users who subscribe to the latest Sky Q service with Sky TV saying that it will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks.

The users will be able to access TV Guide, Home, Browse, Downloads and Recordings with just one touch with a simple interfact. The Browse page will provide viewing by theme and genre while aggregating content across all the channels on Sky Go. There will be personalized Sky Cinema Recommendations that suggests movies based on genre, as the users might have watched earlier and similar content.

The Recordings page will allow the Sky Q customers to view and control upcoming recordings and series links. Better navigation and enhanced accessibility will make it easier for the visually impaired customers to use the app. The video player has also been improvised so they can now pause and skip the videos. A voice-over allows the customers hear a description of everything that they click on. Even the font size can be increased without losing functionality and colors that can be inverted for greater contrast.

The European broadcasting company has confirmed that the app will be available this summer on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire devices and Amazon app store as well along with PC and MAC. The subscribers will also be able to update their existing app or download the new version from Google Play, Apple and Amazon app stores for free. The subscribers can also continue to take advantage of unlimited streaming of Sky shows, movies and sports on Sky Go. With the help of Sky Mobile Watch, streaming can be enabled on the go anywhere in the UK and EU without using any data allowance.

Photo Credits: Daily Express

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