5 surprising ways Amazon Echo can keep you entertained

amazon echo

There are many times, you end up getting bored at home. Instead of getting bored, you can opt for the Amazon Echo at is priced at $100 at Amazon to ease you boredom. The Alexa voice assistant has several activities to keep you entertained. There are trivia games and even an escape room. Moreover, if you have friends over and are still bored, you can do everything on the list with them. Here are a few things that you can do with Alexa.

1. Escape the Room– It is an interesting game that gives you five different scenarios to choose from like office, jail, car and airplane. You will be given puzzles to be solved in order to get out of the room. The game will make you inspect items for clues with the help of objects around the house.
2. Alexa, I’m Bored – When you do not have anything to do just say this phrase and once you say this, you will get an interesting response with a fun fact. The intention is to find something so interesting that you will spend a little more time researching the topic and forget that you are getting bored.
3. Play a trivia game – Yes this can be played alone as well. There are games like Harry Potter Trivia, Jeopardy, True or False and many more. There are many games with Alexa to keep you entertained for hours.
4. Listen to a story – The CBS Radio Mystrery Theatre is an old-time radio show that can add some drama to your boring day. You just have to say, “Alexa, open Radio Mystery Theater.” Even if you are not interested in the mystery then say, “Alexa, next” which will skip to the next story.
5. Exercise – Alexa on the Amazon Echo has hundreds of fitness skills which can be followed in the form of guided workout routines. You can say something like “Alexa, start 7-Minute Workout” or something similar. Workout is the best way you can kill boredom.

Photo Credits: ZDNet

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