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Fitbit announces Versa 2 that will be a competitor to Apple Watch


US based activity tracker manufacturer Fitbit has announced its Versa 2 smartwatch which will be a competition for the new Apple Watch that will launch on September 15, 2019 starting at $199.95. Fitbit is launching two special edition models that will come with unique bands and access to Fitbit Premium and will be priced at $229.95.

Despite the launch, the product itself might not help the sinking revenues of Fitbit but the new services that tie in to the Versa 2 and other products might. Compared to the original Versa the Versa 2 will have a few upgrades. It has a more powerful processor, which means that the apps and data will load quicker. Moreover, the device offers five days of battery life which is a lot longer than the two or so days that can be expected from an Apple Watch.

The Versa 2 has the abilities to track sleep with the help of the new sleep score that averages the data that it collects when the user is asleep and tells them how well they slept. The new Apple Watches might be launched in early September, when it is also expected to launch the latest iPhones. The Versa 2 has a new AMOLED screen with an always-on feature. Even the Apple Watch has a wonderful OLED panel but does not have an always-on display. Instead, the users have to lift the wrist to wake it and check the time.

More features of the device includes water resistance up to 50 meters, GPS, support for using the Versa 2 for making payments, 15+ exercise modes, female health tracking, 24/7 heart/rate tracking and on-device workouts. The Versa 2 will support Fitbit Premium, which is a new subscription service that is launching this fall and will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year that will provide more information about the health trends. The device also supports the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Photo Credits: Tech radar

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