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Motorola manufactures the safest and most dangerous mobile phones?

Gadget Herald: Mobile phone manufacturing giant Motorola has been ranked as the company that manufactures the safest as well as the most dangerous mobile phones for consumers. The mobile phones have a Specific Absorption Rate emissions that are reported to be harmful for humans.

According to the Environmental Working Group, the safest and the most dangerous mobile phones are actually manufactured by Motorola. These were measured by watts of radiations. The highest level that is allowed in the continent of Europe is 2W per kilogram, but the rates are even lower in the US and Canada and some of Motorola phones do not meet these standards.

Reports state that 12 of the products of Motorola have been listed for having the highest SAR emissions. Bravo, Motozine of the Motorola V Range produce the highest level of SAR. On the other hand, the company also produces the phones that have the lowest SAR emissions with 0.14 W/kg each.

The other safe phones include Motorola Droid and the HTC Desire. The news of mobile phones causing cancer have hit headlines yet again. The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the WHO have come to a conclusion that the usage of mobile phones can cause brain cancer. In order to reduce the risk, one can hold the phone away from the ear to avoid the radiations to affect the brain, and researchers recommend using a hands-free device or the loudspeaker when talking, and to limit the conversation as far as possible.

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