Apple iPhone 11 sales to be better than 2018 models – analysts


A fresh analysis has suggested that Apple is expecting the initial iPhone sales to outstrip those of the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, but not by a very big margin. While focusing on the launch period, Apple suppliers are looking forward for the initial sales of 75 million units. The figure is slightly higher than the same period in 2018. Investment firm Wedbush, in a note to the investment clients said that there is capacity to boost production, if the new models perform better than expected.

Based on the recent Asia checks, the investment firm believes that Apple’s supply chain is planning on 75 million units for the initial iPhone 11 launch period, which is slightly larger compared to the previous iPhone cycle in 2018. It was also noted that the unit range production can go up to 80 million iPhones depending on the level of pent up demand/pre-order activity in mid-September, 2019. The firm has also said that there are a lot of iPhone owners who are likely to upgrade before it is too long , but a major portion of them are likely to wait for the next year’s model.

Based on the reports of the new features, Wedbush predicts that the new camera capabilities could be the main selling point. As per reports, the new triple camera technology on the iPhone 11 Pro, will work in unison for the users while taking pictures. It will also have some next generation AI capabilities that is built in to the year’s iPhones that will be the key specs that is showcased. The video capability on the iPhone 11 Pro versions will be significantly improved with real time re-cropping technology that appears to be quiet immersive.

The third camera in the flagship models are expected to have wide-angle lenses for more impressive landscape and cityscape photography. Typically a very wide angle suffers from distortion and the most visible sign of it is curved horizons. A definitive data on the sale of the iPhones could be known when it actually launches.

Photo Credits: BGR

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