Apple launches new iPad 2019 at affordable prices

ipad 2019

The latest iPad by Apple which is called as the new iPad 2019 is now available in stores from September 30, 2019. Considering the Apple standards, the product is rather affordable. The device is now available from Apple and other places and can be grabbed for $329/£349/AU$529 for a model with 32 GB storage and rising to $429/£449/AU$689 for 128 GB of storage.

People who have not read up to the new iPad 2019 already, considering the prices and storage sizes, this can give a hint that this is not a high end slate but then it can be also noticed that not everyone needs a high-end tablet, but still the users will get a decent amount for the money. The new iPad 2019 has a larger 10.2 inch screen compared to its predecessors with smaller bezels and supports the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard , but these are sold separately.

The device is an A10 Fusion chipset and should offer reasonable if not the top-end power. The only thing that it lacks is the face-ID as it has an older design than the likes of the iPad Pro 11 2018 that features a home button and Touch ID. The iPad 2019 has not been put through a full review yet but in a hands-on review, it can be concluded that it is a fairly minor refresh although one that comes at a decent price. It can be worth a look if a gadget buyer wants an iPadOS on a budget with a bigger screen than the iPad Mini 2019.

If the users have already pre-ordered the slate then the device might come to you soon and if people are yet to order one then they can do this immediately as it is available at the stores. People who are not in a hurry can wait for a full verdict on the new affordable new iPad.

Photo Credits: Apple

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