Epson Stylus TX121 printer review

Gadget Herald: If you are looking for a multi-functional and economical printer, then the Epson Stylus TX121 printer is just the one for you. Equipped with print-scan-copy functions, this ‘baby’ printer has some pretty interesting and user-friendly features, and with a price that’s pretty reasonable, it’s a sure steal.

So what does the Stylus TX121 have in store for a user? For starters, it offers users a 3-in-1 package which permits you to take printouts, scan documents and photocopy pages. Individual ink cartridges ensure that you don’t waste money and buy only the cartridge you need to change. Plus, the ink cartridges are way cheaper than the ones offered by competitors like HP.

Since it’s a desktop printer and not a Wi-Fi one, you need to use the USB to connect your PC to the printer, and all you need to do is install the software which comes on the CD.

For those who are looking for something simple, the printer is not only reasonable and user-friendly, but it is also easy to operate. It comes with just 4 buttons – a power button, black and white copy button, color copy button, and a button to change cartridges.

Other features include:
Print speed of up to 28 pages per minute
User-friendly photo editing
High resolution of 5760dpi for printing
Photo editing software
Epson PhotoEnhance options

The price tag of this beauty is just $75!

Our review? A steal indeed and with good quality prints, and scan copies, this Epson Stylus TX121 printer is a must-buy for those who have a limited budget.

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