Philips OLED TV being offered at a massive discount under £1000


Buyers who are looking out for a new OLED TV, the Philips OLED754 could be the best deal available at the Black Friday. OLED panels have all the abilities to deliver high-contrast content with cinematic picture quality at the comfort of your home, but they can be expensive. But since it is Black Friday, there are many OLEDs which are out for discount and one of them is the Philips OLED754 which can now be grabbed for just £989.

There have been price cuts on the OLEDs earlier by just £200 which brought it to just £1,100 but the next price cut has brought the price tag under £1000 which marks a big discount for an OLED TV. However more companies have earlier offered price cuts on OLEDs. The cheapest OLED price so far seen in the market was offered by Hisense O8B OLED which was priced at a huge low at £899. But the offer was just for a short time. But still, the price set by Philips continues to be lucrative and has marked a standard for the Black Friday TV deals that offer value for money for the high-end products.

It is not just the OLED panel that the Philips OLED754 has to offer. The buyers will also be treated with either the Ambilight technology that displays onscreen colors on the wall behind the TV for an actual ambient effect. People who are interested in something that is more advanced can look out for the Philips OLED+984 which is known for its four-sided Ambilight.

It offers high quality picture and has an integrated soundbar but that does comes at a cost as it is priced at £4000. The 55 inch Philips 4K OLED TV is available for £989 on Amazon and people who wish to get ahead of the curve, can opt for the Philips OLED754 TV. The 2019 and 2020 model makes use of Ambilight as well as the P5 Perfect Picture Engine.

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