LG announces eight new Real 8K TVs


Annual tech event CES 2020 is just round the corner and more tech giants are taking the opportunity to highlight their respective products. Seems like LG is CES ready as it announces eight 8K TVs which includes two OLED models with sizes 77 inches and 88 inches and six LED TVs with sizes between 65 and 75 inches. But the announcement by the South Korean giant is incomplete as it has not talked anything about their price tags or availability. The only thing which is obvious is that all the products announced, offer Real 8K as it had recently announced a certification that it got from the 8K Association.

The recent announcement by LG has made its war with Samsung obvious in terms of 8K TV. Samsung and LG have a common idea that 8K has a resolution of 7680 horizontal pixels by 4320 vertical pixels, but on the other hand both the companies have different views on how they have to be measured. LG has made use of the definition that is laid down by Consumer Technology Association as it relies on the Contrast Modulation measurement to define the pixels. Samsung has used the definition that is laid down by the 8K Association, which has not listed any such requirements.

The difference that is mentioned above is surely technical, but, so far it cannot be said as to which approach is better. The recently announced 8K TVs by LG offer a better content viewing as the TVs now support VP9, HEVC and AV1 which is commendable. The earlier 8K TVs by the company needed external decoder box that was used to decode the YouTube’s AV1 codec.

The LG new TVs also feature HDMI inputs that have the ability to handle 60 fps content at 8K resolution. The new TV sets are equipped with the new Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor which has deep learning technology that optimizes sound and picture quality.

Photo Credits: Neowin

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