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OnePlus boasts about new 120Hz Fluid Display


OnePlus is one of the few companies which is popular for its smartphones that offer high end features at a great price. Once again the company is all set to launch a new smartphone that will have a brand new technology. Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus has showed off a new display that will be featuring on one of the smartphones of the OnePlus 8 series. The refresh rate has gone up by 120Hz which seems like essential for the reason that the 90Hz display is already popular on some of the recent OnePlus screens. Lau has also claimed that the new Fluid Display will be the best smartphone display in 2020.

The 2K AMOLED screens are made by Samsung and will come along with new features like the motion-smoothening technology that is called as the MEMC which is found on TVs and it makes the videos look better with the help of adding more frames. However, such a tech has been criticized for the reason that it makes the content look unrealistic. But still that leaves some space for people to wait and watch if such a tech is actually needed for the smartphones.

The new tech also claims to provide 1000 nits of peak brightness , which means that the vision is going to be great even under the brightest sunlight. OnePlus has also spoken about the color accuracy of the new display and has said that it has the Just Noticeable Color Difference known as the JNCD ration of lower than 0.8, which has positioned it equal to some of the best professional displays in the market.

There is also a support for 10bit which allows 1.07 billion possible hues that marks 64 times when compared to the other commercial phone displays these days. The OnePlus 8 series is expected to have three models and out of it one is expected to be Lite that might not have the new display.

Photo Credits: Mr. Phone

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