Facebook bans Google+ ads on social networking website

Gadget Herald: After the launch of the social networking site Google+, the rival network Facebook recently banned two of the advertisements on their site which promoted the new social network.

A self-employed web marketing consultant, Michael Lee Johnson on Thursday ran a Facebook advertisement. The advertisement had asked the Facebook users to add him to their G+ circles. Johnson had posted the ad on his wall. And just after an hour the ad had went live, the social network had disabled it.

After the account was disabled, Facebook had also sent a message which said that his account was disabled and the adverts have been stopped. The social network had also warned that the advertisements must not be run again in any circumstances.

The user was also asked to review the terms of use and advertising guidelines. According to the rules of the Facebook, no ads will be permitted in cases where business model or practice is deemed unacceptable or contrary to the social network’s overall advertising policy. The rule also says that the ad may also be refused at any time for any reason, which includes the determination that they promote competing products or services or negatively affect the business and relationships with the users.

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