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Rovio Mobile introduces upgraded version of Angry Birds Rio

Gadget Herald: A new updated version of the game Angry Birds Rio has been introduced by Rovio Mobile. The updated version has some exciting new levels and loads of fun packed into the game.

As Rovio Mobile earlier had announced, the game has already rolled out with Apple devices. As of now, the new updated version of Angry Birds Rio will only be available for Apple devices.

The game will only be compatible for devices having the Apple’s operating system of 3.0 or higher. The company had announced the upgraded version of the game when it had launched the Pignic version of Angry Birds.

Some 15 new exciting levels have been added for the gamers to explore. Moreover, the developers have also added the ultimate finale level or the boss fight to make it even more exciting and challenging for the gamers. Angry Birds Rio has been upgraded to 1.2.2 and the users who have the lower version than this one are allowed to upgrade the application free of cost. On the other hand, the first time user will have to pay the limited amount to get the free version of the application, or the gamer also has the choice of selecting the advertisement supported free version.

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