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Nintendo to open pop-up lounges at four US airports


If your flight gets delayed by several hours, it can be a really boring experience to kill time at the airport watching other passengers in and out. But Nintendo has brought a perfect solution, at least for the game lovers. Four of the airports in the US will have pop-up lounges that will be set up by Nintendo, where the passengers can spend some time playing hit Switch games. The gamers can also charge their devices and get their hands on some freebies.

The company has hopes that people will stop by and experience on their own on how the system works and can convert from a home console to a hand-held portable console. This can be a great companion for those, who commute regularly. The pop-up lounges will have some of the popular games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Super Mario Party and Super Mario Odyssey and will be available in TV as well as portable mode.

The travelers who stop by the pop-up lounges will be able to purchase Switch and some games, but the catch is that the customers will not be able to get their console on the spot. The company will ship their console to the address of the buyer. But the good part is that gamers who order a Switch or a Switch Lite will get a free carrying case. The visitors will also get a free luggage handle wrap that has a Nintendo theme along with a $10 Target coupon for any Nintendo purchase of $75 or more.

The airports that will be having the pop-up lounges include the Dulles International Airport, Tacoma International Airport, O’Hare International Airport and the Dallas Love Field Airport. The lounges will start functioning from mid- February and will continue till late March, 2020. The new concept could be a blessing for those who have to wait for long hours at the airport.

Photo Credits: Game Revolution

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