Google warns Chrome users to update immediately


Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and is widely used on desktops and mobile phones. Search engine giant Google recently warned the Chrome users about the usage of the device and warned them to quit using it. Millions of users who stayed back with their favourite browser need to act fast and also need to react fast on the new upgrade warning. The search engine in a blog post has warned about three big vulnerabilities within Chrome 80 and one of them is the CVE-2020-6418 which continues to exist.

This means that the users who continue to use the older version of the Chrome might be very vulnerable and there are high chances that they might be in danger. Reports say that it is a device exploiter that affects the JavaScript and deliberately causes error in the browser, which allows the hackers to run an unrestricted code. The new Chrome 80 release has another upgrade and a switch to the AES-256 algorithm will protect the passwords which have been stored in the internal database of the browser. This will obstruct the ability of the hackers to extract the passwords from the browser.

There are already reports that the black market is already undergoing a short of supply of hacked data which means that the hackers might soon be able to find a new door. But for now the Chrome 80 will be safe after the users upgrade. When the users switch to the AES-256, the saved passwords on the browser will have a completely different format than they were in before. For all the three threats, Google has released the Chrome 80.0.3987.122 which has patches for the users across the globe and should soon be able to receive the updates on their browsers.

The user can also trigger the update manually in the update tab in Settings section. This is not the first time the browser  has become vulnerable to hackers. But Google should be appreciated to act quickly in the crisis.

Photo Credits:Chrome story

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