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Apple Watch to detect oxygen levels in blood

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Apple Watch is already popular among the gadget enthusiasts and is known for its life saving features. The Cupertino based giant is now working hard and in future the Watch might have better abilities that will include detecting more heart trouble than the regular heartbeat. Some of the recent reports have claimed that the company is working on an ability of the Watch that will be able to detect blood oxygen levels.

This means that if the oxygen saturation level of the blood falls below a certain level, the user of the Watch will receive a notification which is similar to what the users get with the heart rates. The feature seems promising but on the technical level it is still not clear if it will require a new software or a hardware upgrade. Tech giant Fitbit also provides a few similar features as it makes use of red and infrared sensors that helps to detect oxygen variation in the blood.

Moreover, the company is also preparing over a function that will be able to provide improved ECG function which can properly deliver results in between 100 to 120 beats per minute. Talking about Apple, it is also not clear if when the new features that are being discussed will appear on the next generation of Apple.

The company has always talked about being ambitious for making the Watch as an important health tool. This particular feature that is being talked about seems to be important as low oxygen levels in the blood increases the risk of lungs and heart attacks. It has also been ambitious of adding more functions to make it a promising product for a regular Watch user and also for the one who keeps a watch on their health. The Apple Watch is one of the most popular devices in terms of wearable gadgets and has about 35.8 market share in the first quarter of 2019.

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