Apple preparing to launch iPhone 9 as mass production begins

iPhone 9

A latest report revealed that the iPhone 9 would be ready logistically in the month of April, 2020. But at present the demand of the product is less due to which the company is preparing to launch it in the month of June, 2020. Last week the Cupertino based company had taken the decision to delay the launch of the iPhone 9 for up to six months due to its poor demand in the smartphone market. But the company has analysed the situation and has made a fresh decision to start the production of the iPhone 9 in late February, 2020.

The production started in late February 2020 but it was two weeks late due to the coronavirus shut down in China due to the Coronavirus pandemic across the country. Most of its manufacturing is done in China by Foxconn. Things were planned earlier and it was expected to enter mass production in March, 2020 but that could not happen. The ongoing situation had forced Apple to halt the production of the iPhone 9 which is in its crucial phase in the last minute.

But now the mass production of the smartphone is being planned again. One of the major features of the iPhone 9 would be its powerful A13 Bionic Chipset which is also found in the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. In terms of production, Apple depends on Foxconn and Pegatron as its supply chain for iPhones. The company is working close with the companies in China so it spreads out its production and moves faster. However, so far there is no word on exact schedule date of the new iPhone.

Apple was earlier planning to launch the new device on March 31,2020 but this can no longer happen due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. A number of launches of new devices have been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic and has affected the smartphone market as well.

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