Google launches website providing information on coronavirus


Just in time when the American need the most. Search engine giant Google has launched a website about coronavirus which has all the information about the virus. The website has all the information need and the data is updated regularly. There are a number of things about the virus but the search engine has focused more on the prevention and education. When the website is opened, the browsers will be able to see the basic information that has explained everything about COVID-19 and how the virus spreads.

The users are then directed to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization sites for the reason that they at the trusted sites now on the ongoing pandemic. The website has also included a number of clips which have focused on some of the important information along with the links which are state-specific. The links provide information on the measures that need to be taken at the local level.

Moreover, there is a separate section that has mentioned tips for people who have to work from home remotely. The tips also include ways to cope with a few stressful days, working out routine at home and cooking. The search engine had not planned to rollout a full-fledged website any time soon but it was the White House that had decided to put the website on the spot-light at a press conference. At the same time, the website is not what President Donald Trump had described, but is a generic website that gives out information around the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump had said that the website would be an online resource that will provide the Americans locations of the testing centres, where they can get themselves tested. But it is the sister company Verily which is offering limited tests to the citizens in San Francisco Bay Area. There is also a fresh update for Google Search as it will provi9de enhanced results with the help of information cards.

photo Credits: The NewYork Times

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