Microsoft to unveil details of Windows 8 soon

Gadget Herald: American public multinational corporation Microsoft will soon be unveiling the details of the upcoming Operating System Windows 8. The company has revealed plans to release the detail of the new OS.

Windows division president Steven Sinofsky, on Tuesday on the blogspot said that the next release of the of the Microsoft Windows is an effort that the company has approached with a strong sense of responsibility as well as humility.

The Windows 8 operating system will be the OS for the new generation of computers and will be proving itself as the best among all the OS for the hundreds of the PCs in the world. The new OS will also be the best for the new as well as the old PCs that have been used by the billion users across the world.

Sinofsky said that in the next few weeks the they will start sharing the specific features. The developers will get to see the first look of the OS next month. Meanwhile, the company has planned to launch the product in the first half of the year 2012. The company has already revealed that the Windows 8 will give the users an option of working with a touch kind of interface that will be different from the Live Tiles display a feature of the Windows 7 phone.

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