Skype launches Meet Now that needs not signing up or installation


The ongoing coranvirus outbreak has forced a majority of people to work from home and since it essential to communicate with your colleagues for proper functioning of an organization, video calls are being used more than ever. Though Skype is a popular software by Microsoft for video calling, but right now the majority of people are opting for Zoom for online calls and video chats. The reason behind this is that Zoom has simplified things for the employees who are working from home and also provides with all the essential software that simplifies the entire process. But Zoom also comes with a few compromises in terms of privacy and security. Looking at Zoom taking the limelight, Skype has prepared itself to win back its loyal users with the help of Meet Now.

Sky has said that Meet Now will allow the users to create and share free meeting with just three simple clicks. The best part is that the host need not have Skype installed and the process can be started directly from the website. The users have the option to invite people with the help of a simple link or the share button. If the other person has Skype installed, then the app will open directly to the call. Even if they do not have Skype, then it will open in other compatible browsers like Chrome or Edge.

On the other hand Zoom has also announced a few changes and has assured that it will take care of the issues that the users are currently facing. One has to wait and watch if Sky managed to win back some of its users with the help of the recent changes.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a number of companies to allow their employees to work from home and a number of them are looking forward to look for softwares which are easy to use and are also convenient for the users.

Photo Credits:  OnMSFT

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