Apple designs face shields for frontline medical workers dealing with coronavirus


Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like the whole world has come together to help fight the current situation by making the best use of their respective sources. Tech giants, manufacturing units and other organizations are doing their bit to deal with the pandemic. Apple is known for its high end smartphones and tablets and is popular across the globe. Once again the Cupertino based tech giant has come up with a new product. But this time the new product is not a new smartphone or a new tablet but is a face shield that has been made experts at Apple for the healthcare workers who are treating patients of COVID-19.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that it has announced through Twitter that it has managed to source about 20 million face masks for the medical professionals who are dealing with the coronavirus patients. Apart from that the Cupertino based company has also designed a face shield that will protect the medical professionals who are directly in contact with the infected patients. The designers have made the face mask which is produced by Apple and its suppliers. Tim Cook informed that the number of face masks that they have arranged are more than 20 million and have been sent across the globe.

The CEO added that they are constantly in contact with the governments and are making sure that the masks are being provided at places where they is severe capacity. The face shield that has been designed is made from transparent plastic which comes in a dismantled package and can be assembled in less than 2 minutes. Apple is planning to manufacture and ship more than a million of such face shields by the end of this week. Another million of such shields are expected to be shipped every week in the US.

The medical staff is more vulnerable to the COVID-19 patients and the face shields will help them to be protective from the infection that is exhaled from the infected people’s mouths.

Photo Credits: The Apple post

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