YouTube launches Video Builder tool for making short videos for businesses


Popular video streaming site YouTube has launched a new tool which is aimed at businesses that wish to make a low-cost videos (for commercial purpose)with limited resources. The best part of the new tool is that the person using it might not need any experience or technical knowledge to use it. The new tool is called as the YouTube Video Builder and it has been under testing with some of its customers for months. But now amidst the coronavirus pandemic, when in-person video shoots are not possible any more. It is also observed that many small businesses are suffering economically.

Ali Miller is the director of Product Management at YouTube who said that Video Builder can help the businesses of all kinds to want to make quick videos at a time when improvements need to be made in terms of communication with prospective clients. People who want to have an access to the tool just need to have a Google account through Google’s services like YouTube and Gmail. Even if the users do not have a Google Account then they can link the non-Google account email address to the Google account instead. However, to save and publish the video, the business will have to have its own YouTube channel.

Using the tool is simple and the beta version of Video Builder can animate the static assets of the business like text and pictures. The video can also have music that can be picked from YouTube’s free audio library. There are a number of templates which are based on the messages and goals and can be customized with fonts and colors of their choice. The businesses can make a 6 second to 15 second video.

After it has been done, it can be uploaded as Unlisted to the YouTube Channel that has been created by the business. The video can also be used at places where it seems fit.

Photo Credits: PPC Land

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