Google once again offers a free Nest Mini for YouTube Premium subscribers

nest mini

Search engine giant Google is once again ready to bring back its smart speaker give away offer. But unlike the previous year, this time the offer will be available to a wider range of people and will include a very simple sign-in process. Gadget enthusiasts who are interested to get their own Nest Mini can find out by visiting a webpage. When the page is opened with their Google accounts active, they are told if they are eligible for the free Nest Mini or not.

It has also given details as to who are eligible for the freebie. Users who have individual and student YouTube Premium and Google Play Music subscribers are eligible for the smart speaker. People who are primary account holders of a family plan and the promotion is open only till June, 30, 2020. But Google has also warned that the promotion cab end early if it runs out of supplies. For now it seems like only the people in the US are eligible for the free give away by Google.

But still the terms and conditions have not mentioned about any regional restrictions, which means that there are possibilities that the offer might also be extended to other countries as well. This is not the first time Google is giving away freebies with its entry level smart speaker. It was in 2019 when Google had picked up some selected YouTube Premium and Google Assistant users in some of the countries for the complimentary Nest Mini.

Even in 2018, the company had joined hands with Spotify and had given away its Google Home Mini devices. The Google Nest Mini has been the most affordable device for the company for the give-away offer. The strategy has been applied by Google as it helps the Assistant to reach as many homes as possible. This has also helped the digital helper by Google more competitive in the market. This is surely a good strategy applied by the search engine.

Photo Credits: Neowin

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