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Apple Watch Series 5 on sale for $300 on Amazon


The Watch Series 5 by Apple is one of the popular gadgets among the enthusiast and is known for its features and convenience. But those who are looking forward to buy or consider the Apple Watch Series 5 can now consider it seriously as Amazon has brought an amazing offer. The online giant is offering the 40mm GPS model with a sport Band for just $300 which is a good $100 down from the original price. However, when people are actually viewing it on the screens they will see it listed as for $384, but then the buyer actually checks out the full discount coupon of $85 is applied automatically.

Gadget lovers who are interested in the 44mm version can get it for $330 which is $85 down from the original price. This means it is always wiser to opt for a bigger gadget. The Series 5 is the only big upgrade over its predecessor and features an always on display. It changes the way how people use the device as it becomes easy for the user to see the time and see their workout progress without the flick of the wrist. It is the features of the phone that makes it a good fitness tracker. Though it cannot be called as a very dedicated device but is ideal for fitness tracking and a good deal.

It has a promising app ecosystem and some clever features like noise level detection and Apple Pay. The device cannot be called as flawless. Since the screen is always on, it cannot be said that it drains the battery. But still the users will have to charge it everyday and the charging process is easy as well.

Another good thing about it is that it has a wide range of customizable watch faces but cannot officially add their own. But one of the most obvious conditions is that you need to own an iPhone to use it. This means that people who use Android phones cannot us it or they might have to first buy an iPhone first to make the most of this device on sale.

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