Music service for Blackberry Messenger announced by RIM

Gadget Herald: Research In Motion on Thursday announced a messenger-based music service for BlackBerry known as BBM Music. RIM has said that the BBM is a cloud-based service through which users of BlackBerry Messenger can discover and share music through a music library that is community-based.

The user, with the help of the service, can create a music profile with up to 50 songs. The profile can also be refreshed by swapping up to 25 songs per month.

The 50 songs of the profile are shared with the BBM Music Community. The users can share 50 songs from their profile with the uses in the community.

With the help of the service, every friend is added to BBM Music. The music collection can be grown as the songs are available to the users from the other profile. Music can be selected from a catalogue that has some millions of songs to select from leading music companies. The leading music companies include Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI and Warner Music Group. The users can see a visual timeline in the app, which shows the recent updates of all the users.

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