Wacom launches digital pen Inkling for normal paper

Gadget Herald: In some exciting news for people who like to sketch or love to write, Wancom has launched a new digital pen. The new digital pen, termed as Wacom Inkling, allows users to write notes which can be immediately digitalized.

The best part of the Wacom Inkling is that it can be used on a normal paper, which is a big advantage for people who like to scribble.

The digital pen looks very similar to a regular ball point pen, but it actually a more powerful gadget than what it looks like. As the user draws with it on a paper, the images are saved and all get captured.

The user has to just connect the pen to the computer to get the image. The images can be even more conveniently edited on the computer. The files can be accessible by applications like Photoshop and Illustrator and images can also be just viewed on the computer. The pen also has a receiver, due to which it can be used on a normal paper. The pen must be kept in its vicinity and has a battery lie of 8 working hours, which is quite impressive.

The Wacom Inkling digital pen will be available by mid September for $199.

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