Microsoft launches new Windows File Recovery tool to get back deleted documents


American tech giant Microsoft is all set to launch a new feature which is going to be handy for those who have mistakenly deleted some of the important files. The Windows File Recovery Tool is the new feature and is designed to retrieve the files that have been mistakenly deleted. It is a command line app that will be able to recover a number of files from the local hard drive, USB drives and SD cards from cameras. However, there is a catch to it as it will not work on the cloud storage or network file shares.

Despite the promising tool, the recovery remains the old school way as the user has to be swift and recover it as soon as possible just to make sure that they have not been overwritten. The new recovery tool can be used to get back the MP4 files, MP3 files, PDF, JPEG files and off-course the regular Excel, Powerpoint and Word files. It also has a default mode that has been designed primarily for the NTFS file systems.

The tool will also be helpful to recover the files from a disk that has been corrupted or after the disk has been formatted. There is also a signature mode that is likely to be more popular and will allow the users to recover some of the specific file types like exFAT, FAT and the ReFS file systems. The system mode is also likely to take a longer time to retrieve the files.

The tool is going to be a great blessing for those who have accidentally deleted some of the files that they should not have. It could be an important document or has wiped the disk clean by mistake. The software giant has previously given a version in Windows 10 that allows to recover the documents that might have been deleted. But that has to be specifically enabled with the help of the File History Feature which remains disabled by default.

Photo Credits: Bleeping computer

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