Apple to enter into TV market?

Gadget Herald: American company Apple has proven itself to be the best in terms of the iPod, the smartphone iPhone and iPad in the tablet market. Now the company has reportedly planned to enter in to the largest electronics business market, which is the television sector.

Many reliable sources have said that the company is currently working on a digital television based on the iOS operating system. The new service which will be running on the company’s operating system, will allow the users to do things with their TV which they could not do till now.

One of the important features might be the ability to run Apple apps. The new service would also permit the users to download applications from Apple’s store that has got thousands of products.

The new Apple TV would allow users to switch between Facebook, Google and their calendars everything in one device at the comfort of their living room. The experts have said that the company’s risk of failure is greater than it was in the smart phone, multimedia and the tablet market. The risk is also high as the TV market is already filled with competition, with several services offered by other companies.

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