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Sony to open pre-orders of its gold PS5 this week


There are some truly dedicated and loyal lovers of the PlayStation and for them luxury retailer Truly Exquisite about to open pre-orders for the custom gold, rose gold and platinum PS5 consoles. The pre orders for the ultra premium consoles are all set to open on September 10, 2020. The 24K gold PS5 has been priced at £8099 and comes to around $10,500. The other versions could be owned with a slightly less price. The price of the console includes a pair of matching DualSense controllers along with a PS5 3D Pulse headset. However, if the player wants, the controller and the headset can also be purchased separately.

Apart from the extremely loyal and passionate lovers of the PlayStation, the new version of the console is also for those who think that the design and appearance of the regular PS5 does not live up to their expectations. It also turns in to a mirror, when the gamer has to adjust their gold headset. The package has a wooden display box along with international shipping and insurance for free.

The catch here is that the stock of the custom gold and the platinum PS5 consoles are very limited and if someone really wishes to own such a luxury, then they need to act fast. There are just 250 units of the limited edition and then there could be hardly any hope of getting that in future. At the same time Sony has also talked about its intentions of releasing special editions of the PS5 in future.

Eric Lempel, the head of worldwide marketing at PlayStation was during an interview asked if they would launch more colors for the holiday season for 2020 to which he said that they would talk about it at some point of time. $10,000 for a premium console is sheer luxury but other regular colors and models are not going to be any less.

Photo Credits: Games Radar

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