Apple to launch health program in Singapore with Watch

apple watch

Cupertino based tech giant Apple has joined hands with the government of Singapore and is encouraging people to be healthy. Here the Apple Watch comes handy and also promotes Apple in the market. The new program will help the citizens of Singapore to keep them moving and live healthier lives. Living healthy and immune life is more valid in the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic the world is facing right now.

Apple has informed that it is a two-year program and is also first of its kind and the best part here is that the government will be involved and will be rewarding people who engage in healthy activities. The catch here is that the participants in Singapore will have to have the Apple Watch which is mandatory and the program will be executed through the iPhone app known as the LumiHealth. The new app is yet to go live on the App Store and is expected to be launched in October, 2020. People can sign up for the program to earn rewards of up to $380 Singapore Doillars if they participate in the activities like walking, meditation, swimming, sound sleep and they would also be rewarded if they participate in getting their immunizations.

This means that when the vaccine for coronavirus is launched, the app would prompt the user to get themselves vaccinated. There is more as the participants will also have options to take up challenges and the games that have been created by doctors and fitness experts. The tasks that would be assigned will be according to the age, gender and weight which means that people who are absolutely healthy or are athletes might not have to be challenged against people who are way weaker than them.

With the program, Singapore will become the first country to have such a unique plan with the Apple Watch. Singapore has always encouraged its citizens to engage in such health programs, but this one will be the first.

Photo Credits: Money control

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