Devialet launches its first Wireless headphones Gemini


French based audio tech giant Devialet has launched its first true wireless headphones. The company is known for its wireless speaker known as Phantom Reactor and also its car audio line. The new wireless headphones have been christened as Gemini which obviously has the Active Noise Cancelling feature and has new in-ears which are protected by three new patents known as Ear Active Matching, Pressure Balance Architecture and Internal Delay Compensation.

The Pressure Balance Architecture is all about passing decompression chambers inside the product. It also ensures optimum pressure inside all the time. The unique part here is that all the chambers are coated with a custom acoustic mesh that will prevent any outside noise from entering the system. Then there is the Ear Active Matching tech that assures optimum signal transmission by adjusting the frequency of audio signals and gives out an amazing hearing experience for the users of Gemini.

Devialet has assured that the new tech has been included in the wireless headphones as it will completely emit the loss in sound quality when the user turns their head suddenly or while adjusting the volume constantly while on the run. Another interesting feature of the Gemini is that if one of the ear buds moves, the in-built microphones will detect the shift and will apparently adapt itself to the change and deliver proper signals and sound to the ear.

Finally the Internal Delay Compensation algorithm assures to make up for the interior hold-up that is generated by the noise cancellation loop. There are two microphones in every earbud out of which one is dedicated for the microphone and the other handles the Active Noise Cancellation that improves the voice transmission. Moreover, with the help of the application, the users can personalise the sound with the help of a six-band equalizer. There is a universal button at the back of the earbud that can be used to control music playback.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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