Amazon’s Kindle Fire to force other Android tabs to slash prices?

Gadget Herald: With the launch of the much awaited Kindle Fire from at a price of just $199, the Asian technology companies are now struggling to sell their tablet computers in the market. The situation has now put an unusual pressure on the companies to slash the prices of their tablet computers too.

While Apple’s iPad is currently the leader in the tablet market, other companies like Samsung and Sony have an ambition to take over the tablet market and leave behind the iPad. Despite the low prices of the other tablet computers in the market, no one has been able to take away a significant share in the market from Apple.

Till now, only Samsung has been able to reach somewhere near the iPad tablet computers and given some tough competition to  Apple Inc. But now some have even said that the company would lose even the second position to Kindle Fire.

Samsung’s hold in the market has reduced due to the ongoing patent fight between Apple and Samsung, where US based company has demanded a ban of their products in countries like Germany and Australia. Though the Kindle Fire lacks many of the basic features found in other tablets, the tablet will still be a threat to the other companies.

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