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Nokia to develop low end operating systems?

Gadget Herald: Mobile phone manufacturing giant Nokia is now planning to develop a low-end operating system (OS) that will be based on the Linux-based Meltemi. The decision to make a new low end operating system comes after the company stops producing phones on its Meego OS.

The last handset that the company had launched with the Meego OS was Nokia N9. But nothing has been confirmed, thoough some of the sources who are familiar with the matter said that the effort would be led by Mary McDowell, who is the EVP in charge of mobile phone in Nokia.

The new move by the company could prove fruitful for Nokia as the consumers are now days opting for other handsets from other phone makers in the market. Till now Nokia has always proved its strength at the low end segment and now venturing at the low end OS could prove a good deal for the company in this age of the growing competition.

Currently, the company has dealt with Microsoft for making high end phones. Nokia will soon be introducing one of the devices by the end of this year or at the beginning of 2012. The company is not the first phone maker to launch a phone based on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango as HTC and Samsung have already launched devices using this OS.

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