Apple might soon come up with its foldable smartphones


Foldable phone is a segment in smartphones that continues to remain premium and expensive. A number of companies have already showcased their abilities by launching their respective foldable smartphones with some premium features and designs. South Korean giant Samsung is currently leading the segment with its two smartphones already out and reasonably popular. Apple is one such company which it seems like is taking its own time to come up with a foldable device.

But now it seems like the wait is over and the company is very close to introduced its long-awaited foldable iPhone. Reports say that Apple has reportedly asked its manufacturer Foxconn to come up with two prototype smartphones that would have the potential to be the future foldable iPhone. The two designs are expected to be very different from each other. One of them will be having a large display that could be folded in to half while the other would be having two separate screens that would be brought together with a hinge.

At this point it cannot be said if the Cupertino based company is planning to launch two foldable phones, or is it experimenting to find the best one. The reports have surfaced after an Apple patent application was published last week that had showed a flexible phone that had a display that could be folded inwards as well as outwards. No matter what the status would be, the Apple observers would surely be waiting for a prospective foldable iPhone that is expected to take away all the limelight from Samsung that had failed in its first attempt.

Apple has recently launched its latest set of iPhones that includes the smallest iPhone in many years along with the 12 Mini. Talking about foldable devices, the market continues to remain skeptical about the usage for the reason that the existing foldables are delicate and not practical for every day wear and tear.

Photo Credits: 9t05 mac

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