RIM struggling to calm down frustrated BlackBerry customers?

Gadget Herald: After the  unexpected BlackBerry blackout, which was caused due to the crucial traffic routing computer failed in Europe Blackberry, the company is now providing free software worth $100 to each one and a month long technical support as compensation. The makers of the handsets are now struggling to keep their users intact.


Most of the BlackBerry users are business people, so the only things that worries them is if there are issues in working. The company has been struggling to maintain their customers so that they do not divert themselves to the other smartphones in the market.

However, some of the experts have predicted that if the freebies offered by Research In Motion (RIM) were enough to keep their customers intact. In the upcoming week, the free software will be made available on the BlackBerry App world.

The apps that are offered usually cost from $ 5 to $ 15 at the app store. The offer will run until the end of the year and the technical support would be available for the corporate customers. During the failure caused last week, even backup had failed which had caused an array of problems all over the world and had interrupted email and internet services for many of the users.

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