Apple to manufacture all the chips for its products


Cupertino based tech giant Apple has seldom revealed about its future plans. But its plans about moving all of its production in-house have never been a secret. The iPhone maker is already on the go to get rid of the Intel and AMD chips from Macs and is now reportedly planning to replace its wireless components that are supplied by Skyworks Solutions and Broadcom for its own products. A report from a leading daily has mentioned that the company is hiring a few people who will be responsible for the development of radio-frequency integrated circuits, wireless radios, wireless SoC, Bluetooth and Wi Fi chips that would be made at its Irvine, California facility.

The recent news has come out a day after the company told its employees that its plans for hybrid work has been delayed indefinitely. The decision made by apple to replace its component suppliers does not come as a surprise. It was already mentioned by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that the company would be developing its own 5G modem, which is a chip that connected the device with the cellular network. It currently uses the Qualcomm chip for the iPad and the iPhone.

It can be noticed that Apple does have some experience in manufacturing wireless chips. Some of the latest iPhone models have the U1 ultra-wide band that helps in locating and communicating with other devices that have U1 chips like the AirTags. The AirPods have the H1 chips that enable faster and secure Bluetooth pairing between the earbuds and other devices. With the above development the companies Broadcom, Qualcomm and Skyworks might soon lose its most important customers.

Meanwhile it has been reported that the Irvine plant plan is currently in the early stages and will progress gradually. For now there is no particular timeline for the Macs, iPhones and a possible AR headsets with custom wireless chips.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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