Tumblr includes new list of words towards censorship


American micro-blogging site Tumblr has released a latest update to its iOS app on December 29, 2021. The site has censored a long list of words that comply with Apple’s new strict safety guidelines for the programs that feature on the online store of Apple. However, the words that have been added to the censored list seem harmless. At the same time, it has to be reminded that the list has been expanded as a measure to protect the users from the sensitive content while they are searching through the platform.

As a result of the fresh censors, the posts that contain tags which are censored are less likely to appear while a user is browsing through Tumblr and reduces the search results with a returning note that says that ‘this content has been hidden’. The words and phrases that have been added to the censor list included ‘single mom’, ‘single dad’, ‘testicular cancer’, ‘me’, ‘my face’, ‘girl’, ‘sad’ and more such words. Tumblr defended the words that were added to the list and said that it took the move so that the social network continues to remain available on the Apple’s App Store to comply with the guidelines. The company added that it is also working towards improving the user experience to have a less restricted iOS app experience.

However, the company did not provide a timeline as to when it would apply those changes. The list of terms added to the censor list has marked as the latest move by Tumblr to abide by the guidelines laid down by Apple. Earlier when Apple had raised concerns, Tumblr had banned all the adult content from the platform which marked a significant reversal from the previous position of the company.

As or Apple it is yet to comment anything over the situation after Tumblr launched its update. The move is surely expected to change the user experience.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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