Amazon to withdraw support for Cloud Cam


Online retail giant Amazon is withdrawing support from its Cloud Cam security camera. Instead it is offering the owners of the device a free Blink Mini to replace it. The change was noticed late last week when the customers were sent emails about the announcement. Owners of Cloud Cam will be able to use their cameras and download videos till December 2, 2022. But after that the recordings will be deleted  and the hardware will no longer be functional.

Moreover, the customers who own the Cloud Cam Key Edition will also lose the ability to connect to the smart locks but they will be able to get a free fourth generation Echo that would replace the functionality. Amazon in its email sent to the customers said that the number of Alexa smart home devices continues to grow, they are now focusing on the efforts on the technologies like Ring, Blink and more that help to make the home smarter and would simplify people’s everyday routines. The mail added that in order to improve the customer experience they have decided to withdraw support for Amazon Cloud Cam and its companion apps.

Amazon also released a statement which mentioned that the company would continue to offer innovative and smart home security solutions for the customers through Blink and Ring brands by Amazon. The statement has also mentioned that they would be giving  the Blink Mini to the customers who continue to use the Cloud Cam. Jocelyn Shaw, the Amazon smart home spokesperson while talking to a lading daily said that  the customers of the Cloud Cam who have been active since the past six months will be eligible for a free replacement of hardware.

It was also clarified that the customers will get one Blink Mini for each active Cloud Cam  that they were using. The same applied for every Cloud Cam Key edition that would be replaced by one Blink Mini or Echo.

Photo Credits: Expert Reviews

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