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Vizio Reveals Tablets And TV The Runs On GoogleTV

Gadget Herald: Vizio, American technology manufacturer has revealed loads of gadgets and devices for the future, especially the 4inch phone and the 8inch tablet, and also the high definition TV that runs on GoogleTV. The unnamed tablet that have been revealed are running on 1Ghz processor, these gadgets have not yet been named but it is said that they are running on the Android operating systems.

The Blu-Ray devices and the HDTV offered by Vizio will have inbuilt GoogleTV, as a result channel access has become more simple. The phone on the other hand is a technological breakthrough for Vizio, as it will feature WiFi N, GPS, MicroSD slot, dual cameras and HDMI output. These specification make it more similar to Apple iPhone, the only difference is that the Vizio is 3G.

Vizio has also come up with the Vizio Internet Applications, which can enhance the capability of the device, and bring in more softwares so that the device will be favourable to all. The GoogleTV is providing Yahoo Widget like skins, something that has never been seen before.

Source: engadget

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