Facebook and Instagram recover shortly after an outage


Social networking giants Facebook and Instagram faced an outage for a brief period on April 8, 2021. Reports say that the outage started at around 5:30 PM ET after thousands of users reported the outage on forums. A number of users also informed about the outage on DownDetector. It is an online platform that provides real time information about the number of websites on the internet. The recent outage is the second one that has been reported in less than a month.

It was on March 19, 2021 when the last outage was reported from the same social media giant. The outage had resulted the sites to go offline for a number of hours. Facebook had displayed the “Sorry something went wrong” error message. For the recent outage, the company has not yet commented about the actual reason of the outage. Moreover, it is also not clear as to when the service will be restored completely.

Reports say that it has also affected the internal websites of Facebook. The outage was first noticed with the help of a Tweet by developer Jane Wong. The outage dashboard of Facebook was also facing issues. It did not last long and soon after 6 PM ET it looked like Instagram and Facebook were slowly being restored.

Most of the users reported that their services were working. On the other hand the status page of Facebook did not change and reflected the message of the outage when it occurred. Due to the pandemic situation, a number of people are working from home and such outages lead to significant loss of productivity. Not just Facebook, but last month popular video conferencing service Zoom also faced hours log of outage in March, 2021. Zoom shot to fame during the pandemic when millions of workers across the globe were at home working remotely. As the pandemic continues, a number of people continue to work remotely for safety purpose.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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