WhatsApp launches new feature to deal with spam calls


Instant messaging service WhatsApp is now taking steps towards targeting the potential spam calls. The service has introduced a new feature known as the call-silencing  that helps to silence the unknown callers. The ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ can be found in the WhatsApp settings menu. With the introduction of the new feature, the users have an extra layer of protection from the calls and messages from unknown numbers. The new feature has been released to deal with the increasing number of unwanted calls.

WhatsApp launched the new feature across the globe on June 20, 2023 and will help to screen spams, calls as well as scams from unknown people. Users of WhatsApp in India are known to be the most affected  and received about 17 spams calls on an average in a month. Amidst the increasing number of complaints about spam calls, the new feature by Meta has also been designed to protect the user and provide more control over the incoming calls. Calls that are unknown will not ring on WhatsApp but will be redirected to the call list of the user. This way the user will still be able to see the missed calls, if the call has been identified as spam.

In addition to the Silence Unknown Callers feature, the company is also launching Privacy Checkup that will take the users  through the steps that will secure the calls, messages and personal information. WhatsApp had received complaints from more than 500 million users who got calls from international numbers. Some of the common countries on the list were Malaysia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Vietnam and more.

Meta did not respond to comment over the above problem, but  a spokesperson from the company said that International scam calls is the new way that has been adopted by people. Some of the top five scams include those who pose as online shopping scams, provide job opportunities, investment opportunities from people with seemingly real businesses.

Photo Credits: Unsplash

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