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PlayStation VR2 to scan game space to avoid mishaps with furniture


Gaming giant Sony has said that it is making efforts to make its PlayStation VR2 experience more user friendly. The company says that it will fine tune the device so the users could easily use it inside the living room without bumping in to the corners and furniture. Although the segment is dominated by the Oculus Quest, Sony is trying hard to make a place for itself in the market.

Yasuo Takahashi, the senior product manager at the company in a blog post on July 26, 2022 explained about how it will be able to achieve its goal. Sony will be adding a see-through view on its PlayStation VR2 that will allow the users to press a button to check  the surroundings through a camera that would be embedded in the front. The user will be able to access the feature with the help of a function button on the headset or through the digital Control Centre. This will also be the place where the users will be able to adjust the total play area on the fly.

Sony is already publishing that the new system will be making use of the embedded cameras that will scan the room to completely customize the play area space. Moreover, the system will also warn the user if they approach the play area boundary. In between sessions, the play area will be saved by the system and that will be the case if the user has completely moved out to a different space.

Takahashi in the blog post also talked about the broadcasting ability of the system and will be using the PS5HD camera to record the users. The new system will also feature a cinematic mode that will display non-VR game content. However, the blog has not posted any pictures of how the system will look when it is operational. It is predicted that the system will rely on  a single USB-C cord.

Photo Credits: siasat

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