Shortage of semi-conductors could last up to a couple of years


It has been a while since the industries across the globe are facing a shortage of semi-conductors. It is not just affecting the auto industry but is also affecting the production of other manufacturers. The bad news is that the problem related to the shortage of the semi-conductors is not going to be solved till the next couple of years. The demand of the semi-conductors continues to remain high, while the production capacity is limited. The information on the situation was given out by the chief of the chipmaking giant Intel.

Pat Gelsinger during an interview said that the companies who are manufacturing the semi-conductors can take a few steps to ease the situation for short-term. He added that Intel will be increasing its production capacity in the next six to nine months but the full solution for the production will take much longer than expected. Gelsinger recently took over a position as the chief at Intel in the United States and assured that they believe that they can handle the situation, but it could take nearly a couple of years till the problem is actually addressed.

The crunch in the supply of chips was caused due to the pandemic as the production was limited due to the safety of the workers and the increase in demand. The situation has affected the automakers, who have been forced to stop the production at their factories. The lack of the chips is affecting a number of businesses that includes the manufacturers of personal computers and other equipment.

Gelsinger also expressed that even the medical equipment makers are worried about the scarcity. He added that there is no way the problem could be addressed completely but some of the pressure could be helped. On the other hand auto giants Ford and General Motors announced that it will be temporarily shutting down its North American factories due to the supply issues.

Photo Credits: The Great source Daily

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