Did you know you could hide your Google Search History?


A number of times people around you could have the habit of peeping in to your browser history or YouTube watch history. Although you have the option to make use of the incognito mode, but there is still a way you could protect your privacy from such stalkers. You can hide your search history as well as YouTube history with the help of a password. Not many are aware that all your activities on maps, web, YouTube and even Google Assistant queries are by default visible on

This means that a person just need to have access to a device and they will be able to view what has been watched, searched or asked. But after you have enabled a verification, you will have to enter the Google account password to view the activity history. To get the feature, you need to go to and log in and then click on ‘manage my activity verification’ link. A pop-up window will appear in which you will have to tap on “require extra verification” button and then save. To confirm, the user will be asked to enter the password on the main Google login screen.

After it is enabled, the user has to press the ‘Verify’ button and they will have to enter the password every time they try to open the history. The feature seems interesting, but it is seen in a practical sense, it is not as secure as it seems as it only requires the person to enter the Google account password. This means that if the person who us trying to watch the history knows the password then it can be accessed easily.
The actual and proper solution to it is to manually or auto delete the activities on your account. This could be the safest way. This process also applied to YouTube and history of Location.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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