Fujifilm launches new Instax Smartphone printer


Now smartphone users will also be able to print Polaroid-like pictures. Fujifilm has launched a new Instax printer that provides a support for a wider and polaroid-like film. The new product is called as the Instax Link Wide Smartphone printer that can be connected to the smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and the users will be able to print pictures that are twice as wide as the credit-card sized images from the earlier product known as Instax Mini Link printer. The device can also directly print images from Fujifilm’s X-S10 mirrorless camera and that process will not need a smartphone.

The new Instax Link Wide Smartphone printer runs on batteries and can print nearly 100 pictures on a charge. The users can select from two print modes – Instax Rich which gives warm and deep colors while the Instax Natural will focus on the inherent colors of the image. The users can also make use of the Instax Link app that has around 30 filters and other features that include creating collages, digital stickers, text, frame templates and more. The app will also allow the users to import and add hand-written text and sketches to a picture.

The new printer by Fujifilm supports the company’s wide-format film that costs $20 for a pack of 10. It is also used by the Instax 300 Wide camera. Apart from the new printer, Fujifilm has also introduced a black-border version of the Instax Wide Film that is available at $22 for a pack of ten.

The new Instax Link Wide Smartphone printer is all set to be launched later in October, 2021 and is expected to retail at $149.95. The company has said that the prints will be of high quality and will give the users an experience of convenience to print straight from the smartphone without the need to import them to a different device. The size of the device also makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Photo Credits: The verge

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