Apple announces extension of AirPods Pro repair program

Airpods pro

Cupertino based company Apple has extended its repair program for its iPad Pro. The repair program offers the users of the device free repairs and replacements for the earbuds in case of any issues with the static or noise cancellation. The extended program was noticed on the support page of the repair program. The page was updated in the earlier days of October, 2021 and was originally introduced in October 2020. The AirPods Pro was launched in October 2019.

It means that the program was launched by Apple at the right time when the warranty of the device was about to expire. It extended the repair program to three years. The AirPods Pro that were bought during the launch will now be covered till October 2022. Apple has said that it will be fixing the issues that are related to the static or crackling sounds that increase in loud environment while the user is talking on phone or while exercising. Apple has also promised help if the Active Noise Cancellation feature is not working , loss of bass sound or an increase in the background noise like the street or airline noise.

If the user is experiencing any of the above issues, then they will have an extra year to get rid of the problems and get it fixed with the help of the repair program. Apple is offering the users an on the spot replacement pair that they can take home. To take advantage of the program, Apple has said that the users have to contact the support team or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider. They can alternatively also make an appointment at the Apple Store.

The repair program is an effort from the company to make sure that the users of the device have a better user experience. The extension of the repair program was first noticed by Reddit users.

Photo Credits: 9 to 5 Mac

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