Sonos to launch mini subwoofer to improve home cinema quality


American audio products manufacturer, Sonos is all set to launch a new version of its flagship subwoofer. The new and upcoming product could make up for the disappointment for the lack of Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. The news was first discovered by a Reddit user who found out about the Sub Mini on the S2 app of the brand. Details of the new subwoofer were posted and were found when the users tapped on the ‘more information’ tab.

The user has also uploaded the screen shot of the information screen that also informed about how to connect a second subwoofer to the home cinema set up. Apart from the vital information, it has also mentioned that the Sonos Sub Mini is not supported in this process. For now the company does not have any products with this name and has indicated that a launch can soon be expected and could be announced very soon as the details of the new product are already mentioned in the Sonos S2 app.

A spokesperson by Sonos mentioned that they were always working on different ways to create a different and unique working experience for their customers. The spokesperson also added that at the moment they do not have anything to share in terms of their future products. It could be a surprise, if the new Sonos would not be launched in the upcoming few months. But there are a few details about the design of the Sub Mini on the page and has indicated that it could be a cylindrical and smaller subwoofer compared to the existing line-up of devices.

Meanwhile, products like Sonos Sub are great to improve the bass frequencies of the home cinema set-up, especially when the user has a smaller sound bar like device like the Sonos Beam Gen 2. So a Sub can help a good sound bar to add some tension and intensity to the sound.

Photo Credits: 9 to 5 mac

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