Ways to protect your gadgets amidst heat wave


The United Kingdom is experiencing a heat wave and air conditioning is something that is not staple in every household. COVID-19 pandemic might have faded, but a number of people continue to work from home. Staying indoors is a great precaution, but the heat wave is not a friendly atmosphere for the gadgets around us. Many of us rely on a number of electronic devices around us for work and entertainment but the heat might be taking a toll on them. Here we will be discussing a few ways to protect your essential devices from the heat.

  1. Laptops and game consoles – The first step is to keep them clean from dust. Extra lint can cause the vents from clogging and the cooling fans will stop working at full capacity. Also take off some pressure by switching the devices to low power mode and bring down the brightness. When the laptop is fully charged, make sure that you unplug the charger and avoid unnecessary charging.
  2. Mobiles and tablets  – Phones tend to overheat and one of the best things you could do is to use them less. When the devices heats up, the battery does not work efficiently and the phone’s performance lags. Keep shutting down the opened apps and remove the extra layers like the silicon cases or other sleeves to allow some ventilation. Avoid using social network on your phone that can put unnecessary pressure and heat on the device. Less usage is the key.
  3. Wi-Fi Router – Keep your wi-fi router away from direct sunlight. Find a cooler place and a well-ventilated place that will allow the device to regulate its temperature. Avoid keeping it behind the furniture or other large items. During the night time it is wise to turn off the device that will take off the extra pressure and allow it to rest. Keeping them on when they are not in use can put unnecessary strain on the bandwidth.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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