5 ways in which Microsoft can cause a stir in the competitive tablet market

Microsoft’s RT tablets have been hitting the market quite hard of late. Many users have been seeing this tablet as an alternative to tablets that have the Android operating system as well as Apple’s iPad. With superb specifications and design, Microsoft can definitely cash in with its new Windows 8 tablet.

Photo Credit: Concept Phones

Here are 5 ways the new tablet could make an impression with users.

1. Gaming – Though this sounds out of place, but the fact is that gaming on tablet platforms are going bigger as technology advances. If Microsoft can lock up exclusive rights for four or five of the biggest tablet games this year, then the software giant is definitely going to take profits in an upward direction. It should definitely consider tying up with games that are available on the Xbox for its tablets as well.

2. Family Management – Microsoft should aim on making its operating system more family friendly; be it appointments, chores, birthdays or other events The company should come up with a feasible way (probably an app) that gets along well with the entire family.

3. Security – Unlike Apple’s operating system, Windows is more prone to viruses. Microsoft should look at building a strong system within the OS so that the Windows 8 tabs don’t falter on a regular basis.

4. Pen-based computing – With the stylus becoming increasingly popular, Microsoft should definitely focus on pen-based computing. Having a stylus-supported system ensures that there is precision and accuracy in the work users do.

5. Competitive Pricing – The software giant is known for its relatively good pricing and it will need to capitalize on this, as there are many players in the tablet market currently and good pricing could make the difference between success and failure

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