Microsoft will not launch tablet PC until 2012, Windows 8 may debut next year

Gadget Herald: Microsoft Corp. has decided not to launch a tablet PC until the year 2012, but the company may debut the Windows 8 operating system by sometime next year. Reports from Bloomberg state the company is not working on a tablet currently and will not launch the device until late 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

On the other hand, the Windows 8 operating system will debut early during 2012, and some leaked screen shots of the latest OS show there are contemporary improvements on the software. By the time the Microsoft based tablet enters into the market, the third version of the iPad shall already be present, plus there will be newer Android based tablets in the market.

Microsoft officials have refused to comment on the tablet or even on the Windows 8 OS, nor has Microsoft confirmed they are working on a tablet PC. Looking at the way Microsoft is growing or even being stalled, many technology experts claim the company lacks a lot of enthusiasm in their work culture.

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